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Vacancies at other Co-ops

When we're not recruiting at Unicorn we like to promote vacancies in other co-operative businesses. Please note, these organisations are not linked to us in any way.

Have a read of our Co-operatives page to find out more about co-operative working and why it's important to us.

Current Co-operative Vacancies

Shop co-op member, 8th Day Workers Co-operative

Full-time Shop Co-op Member

8th Day workers co-operative are currently recruiting for a full-time position in the shop. The successful applicant must have proven managerial skills and previous experience in health food retailing is an advantage.

This is a great opportunity to become actively involved in the running of a co-operatively managed and ethically driven business, with fantastic benefits and conditions.

Closing date 4th November 2016. For more information and to apply go to http://8thday.coop/about-us/jobs/


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