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We continue to pursue several parcels of land on the western side of Greater Manchester. Despite a competitive market we are hopeful of purchasing around 20 acres of fertile land this year. Any further loanstock/land enquiries to veg@unicorn-grocery.co.uk

Congratulations to successful candidates from recent recruitment round.

Fruit and Veg
As we move into Summer the UK range continues to expand with Celery, Strawberries, Summer Cabbage and Brocolli all recent crops. We also have more local Glebelands and regional crops than most other retailers pretend to be near to achieving. We are working hard to maintain and expand this range despite the difficulties many growers continue to face.
Seasonal and good value lines include Broad Beans, Basil, Pointy Peppers, Spinach, Bunched Beetroot, Pak Choi and Lettuce.
Recent global food fears show the need to maintain soil and water quality to guarantee harvests for us all, and our descendants. Expansion of the Sahara with GM technology may be in very few people’s interest. Crops that require lots of nitrate fertiliser and water to yield can only speed up famine.

Last Modified - 17th July 2008

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